How to clean out + update your closet for spring || coconut and mint spring edit

Hi there!

It's been spring for a while now, but I finally made some time to edit my second #coconutandmintspringedit video! In this video I'm showing you my 5 steps to clean out AND update your wardrobe for spring.

 I'll give you some tips on how to clean out your closet to make space for new things using the 3 pile method, and some advice on how to find new clothes that you won't regret buying. I'm a big fan of living consciously and this means buying consciously as well: buy only what you like, what you need, and what suits you. If you take some time to figure this out before heading to the stores ready to spend your money, you'll be so much happier with the things you bought and you'll create the wardrobe of your dreams in no time.

Are you ready? Then just relax while watching this video and get ready to dive into your closet and do a BIG cleanout after!

So let's get started now and make these piles! What are you going to keep, and what will you finally give away?

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ZARA & MANGO haul + try on || coconut and mint spring edit

Hi everyone!
I filmed my first haul and I'm SO excited to share it with you.

Let's just jump into it straight away!

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