Hi friends :)

It's been a long, long time since I wrote my last blogpost. As you can (hopefully) tell, I changed the layout of my blog (what do you think? Do you like it?), and more important: I decided to start writing my posts in English again. 
The patriotic part of me still struggles with the fact that I'm not paying tribute to the beautiful, widely spoken, universal language that is my mother tongue which is Dutch or more precisely Flemish, but the more I travel and make friends from all over the world, the more I question what's more important to me: paying tribute to my beloved native language, or being understood by more people than the ones I share a lovely but tiny country with (and of course the ones that live in the country a little more up north of ours). 
I feel like it's starting to become more important to me (again) to write in a language that more people can read, so from now on I will be writing my posts in English. Last time I made this decision, I was writing my posts in both Flemish and English, which didn't feel very natural to me and it made me switch back to Flemish since for the first time in forever, writing required me to think. I love writing since it is something natural to me; even in English, altough I have to think a little bit more than in Flemish.
Yet writing in one language doesn't require me to think too much, while trying to say the same thing again in another language in the same blogpost does. That's why I'll limit myself to one language from now on and as most Belgian and Dutch people speak English very well, I think most of you will understand.

I'm thinking about translating my older posts to English as well, but that's something I'll do in the long run, since I really want to start writing new posts first and rewriting old things isn't the most fun thing to do in the world. 

I hope you will enjoy my new posts in English. 
My first post will be directed towards all of you who've asked me for some tips on how to start solo-traveling, so if that's your thing, stay tuned!
Next up will be a good old fashion post, an update on my favourite selftan, a travel post on Norway with pics of my last trip, an update of my student room, an update on the minimalist challenge, and much more :) 
I will still write beauty and fashion related things as well as posts expressing my opinion or feelings about something, and as always you'll be able to find everything categorized on top of the page.

I'm definitely not the most consistent blogger in the world (not in the slightest) but hell, I'm not a quitter either ;)

Lots of love