You know that moment when you are so happy about something in your life - the purchase of something new, or just an everyday activity - and suddenly you realize: never before have I experienced happiness to this extent about this kind of thing before? Well, since turning 25 last August I've been having some of these moments, and I decided to make a list for you all.

1. A washer and a dryer

I've lived in a few houses and apartments with a washing machine before, but I still enjoy not having to go out of the house every week with gigantic bags full of laundry and spending money while losing time, so much. I used to either take my laundry to my parents' house or do it in a laundromat when I lived in places without a washing machine, but having one of your own is such a huge comfort. You don't have to struggle with heavy bags. And what's more: you don't really have to plan it anymore (because you don't have to go sit and wait until it's done, and there's no closing time of your own house).

2. A decent toilet seat

Have you ever had to buy a toilet seat? I hadn't, ever, before moving in together with my boyfriend this month. Although we found the most perfect apartment there is, the toilet seat appeared to be literally crap. I think the plastic my vegan burgers come in is more sturdy than this toilet seat's plastic. It nearly collapsed everytime we used it and the screws were made of plastic too, so it moved. We bought a simple, decent toilet seat at Ikea and it's the most well-spent €30 of my life by far. I never thought such a silly, random looking thing could be such an important improvement, but apparently, it is. You will only know when you had to place your butt cheeks on a rickety plastic seat making you touch the ice cold porcelain.

The reason why this one is number two on my list is because I didn't want this pic to be the thumbnail of my blogpost

3. The weekend

As I have been a student for one too many years, and I used to be really relaxed all year except for when I had exams, weekends didn't use to excite me that much. In weekends I went to my parents' house and spent time at home with my dogs, which I really loved and still do, but overall they were just two days like all the others to me. Since my new studies have a lot of weekly tasks and deadlines, I have way more work, and weekends are the only two days I'm sure no one can give me more work on top of all the work I already have. But the most important reason why I love weekends is that I get to spend them with my boyfriend. Even though we live together now, I'm working a lot in the nights, and we still have to do some practical stuff besides that as well, so the weekends are the only moment we can just be in the now, without having to worry about anything. 
Catana Comics

We also have this problem that we just never seem to have enough time to talk about whatever we want to talk about so we tend to go to bed quite late even on week days, but we have to get up really early, so we're usually freaking tired, and we both absolutely love being in bed together and sleeping all morning. This brings me to the next thing I never thought I would be so excited about:

Yaoyao Ma Van As

4. Sleep

I have always been an exceptional sleep lover, but since I have to get up early nearly every week day to get my train to Brussels, I've become obsessed with sleep. I don't know if anyone of you is so passionate about their bed as I am, and I kind of hope so 'cause it would make me feel less weird, but I doubt it. I can't really think of anything I appreciate more than laying in a big, soft bed with freshly washed linen sheets, with a cool morning breeze coming from the window making you pull the duvet extra close to your body. The feeling it gives me is one of intense happiness, and nothing can really beat this. Some people get up at 6 in the morning to be really productive, and I admire these people, but I can assure you: the great, productive feeling you get from doing chores or work in the morning is still not as perfect as the feeling of snoozing off under a snuggly duvet on a crisp morning.

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5. A good mattress
Knowing I love sleep that much, you'll want to take this piece of advice from me. We bought a new, better mattress as we moved into our new apartment. We tried out all the mattresses in Ikea, and fell in love with this one made of memory foam in a second. It's like you just melt down into it as the foam takes the shape and supports every little curve of your body. We named it 'Wolkje' which means little cloud, since this is exactly what this mattress feels like. So, if you are ever looking for a new mattress: buy that one. It's the best thing I have ever bought in my life. So thanks, mom and dad ;) Also: you can bring your mattress back to Ikea within 90 nights, so you can test it and get your money back if you don't like it after all. 

Moon garland: Urban Outfitters | Indigo sheets: House In style | Striped sheets: Ikea

Do you have anything you never thought you'd be excited about, but it turns out that you are? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to read if anyone else adores their bed as much as I do.

Lots of love