Hi folks :) 

It's black Friday, even in Europe where we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Part of me doesn't like this evolution for reasons that I won't address in this post, and part of me - the online shopper - is obviously really pleased with it.
November also means that it's getting colder and days are getting shorter, so if you're like me, you'll like to spend more of your time inside with a cup of tea and an incredibly soft comfy outfit. 
That's why I picked my favourite pieces of loungewear from Oysho so you don't have to lose time browsing their site as every minute of this sales day is very precious and can make the difference between 'Added to cart' or 'Out of stock'.

1. This whole outfit

Oh my. It's so perfect! I don't like this kind of slippers as I'm really keen on my good old, durable Giesswein slippers, but I do love the soft pink oversized sweater and the fluffy leggings.

I actually asked my mom to get these leggings for me for christmas, I think they are the perfect christmas gift for anyone who likes wearing leggings and feeling cozy.

Get the leggings here, the sweater here and the slippers here.

2. This sleepysaurus sweater

If you read my last blogpost, you'll know that if I were a sweater, this would be me. I don't have to tell you I also asked this one for christmas.

You can get matching dinosaur pyjama/lounge pants with it as well. Find the sweater here, the pants here.

3. This frilly pink set

Isn't it adorable? I can already imagine myself snuggling up on the couch in it with a book, looking all fabulous, frilly pink, of course with a warm cardigan like this one:

Find the pink frilly top here, the pants here, and the cardigan here

4. This penguin sweater

I love it because it has penguins and it says 'we are in perfect balance' even though they aren't, which is, I think, basically a representation of every person in the world. Everyone is just trying their best to balance everything in life, but it's never perfect, and it's ok.

I can hear y'all thinking, woah, that escalated quickly into a deep existential post. Wasn't this about fluffy pyjamas? So here you go, there's also a pair of penguin pants to go with the top. Get the top here, the pants here.

5. This midnight blue penguin sweater

If you love penguins, you'll also love this night blue fluffy sweater:

You can pair it with very warm, matching pants:

The website calls this kind of clothes 'pyjamas', which makes me wonder: is there anyone able to sleep in these fluffy things? I'm always very warm when I sleep, so all I can wear is an oversized T-shirt, and even then I have to put one leg or one arm on the sheets. So I can only wear this kind of cozy warm clothes during the day.

Get the penguin sweater here, the pants here.

6. This 'life begins after breakfast' sweater

One of my friends told me one day that when she goes to bed at night, she already fantasizes about the breakfast she's going to have the next day. I am exactly the same, and it's the only thing that motivates me to get out of bed for! Many people have this with coffee, but for me, it's just food.
You can also get some baggy grey sweatpants to go with it:

Get the sweater here, the pants here.

7. This yellow ochre twopiece

I love this color! I think it's so pretty for the winter, although it can be a hit or miss on your skin tone. This color looks best on warm skin tones. You can test if your skin has cool or warm undertones by checking the veins on your wrists: if they're blue that means you have cool undertones. If they're more greenish, you have warm undertones, like I have. The yellowish tone of your skin makes the blue of your veins look green. You can also check your skin tone by comparing it to a white paper: does it look more pinkish, or more yellowish? Pinkish means cool undertones, yellowish means warm undertones.

The material looks so flowy and soft, and I think it would look great with a big cardigan like the one linked above. You can get the top here and the pants here

There you go, those were my favourite pieces of loungewear on the Oysho website! If you order today (that means, before midnight) you get 20% off everything plus free shipping. So be quick!
Happy black Friday!

Lots of love

PS. This post, like all of my posts, is not sponsored :D