Hi there :)

I have been in love with chunky knit blankets since the first pic I ever saw of them, so I have been looking around online to find a relatively affordable version. After I'd been comparing the prices this store on Etsy seemed like the best choice for me (as I wanted pale pink and off white and the samples were very clear in these pics, unlike the ones from some other Etsy stores).
I saved money and bought one myself and the other one was a christmas gift from my parents. You can order any size you like, and as I wanted to be able to snuggle up under the blanket together with my boyfriend without any limbs being cold from sticking out, I chose 63x70 inches (which is 160x177 cm). For a blanket of this size you pay €245 (somehow it was €215 in December). Shipping (to Belgium) was €45 for the two blankets but we got 10% off using a code (THANKYOU10) which was -€43 so basically the shipping was for free.
Believe me, I looked up some tutorials on how to do this yourself and checked the price of the enormous amount of wool that I'd need for this, and it turned out that the cost of the work they put into making this is not even that high. It's just the wool! For me it was worth paying a little more for the blankets knowing that a) they would be made by a professional so my expensive wool would not be made into a blanket full of mistakes and b) I would not have to go to the struggle of trying this myself. I do like DIY projects and I'm a creative person, but this wasn't worth it for me.
Are you ready to see some photos of these beautiful babies? This post is dedicated to the pale pink one on our bed, my next post will be about the off white one which is in our living room.

The stonewashed grey linen bedding is also from Etsy (here) and it was a present from my parents too. The size is 240x220 cm, and it's 100% linen so it's heavenly to sleep in! I have indigo linen sheets and I'm always a bit sad when they're in the laundry because I love them so much. I was looking for grey linen sheets to combine with the pale pink blanket so these are absolutely perfect, and I'm currently still looking for the perfect, olivey ochre velvet pillows to go for this look by Aimee Tarulli from Archer Interiors:

Stay tuned for my next post about the off white blanket which is my best friend every morning and evening on our couch!

Lots of love