What you need:

+ either some burger buns or some thick slices of wholeweat bread for a healthier version


frying pan
frying pan/toaster/oven to toast bread
sharp knife
regular knife or tablespoon
small mixing bowl
3 teaspoons
paper towel 


2. for 1 burger you'll need 1 medium to large piece of seitan, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 pickle and about 1/2 medium sized red onion

Preparation & cooking time:

15 min.

Step 1: wash the salad and cut the onion in RINGS

Step 2: slowly fry the onion in some olive oil on medium heat 

Step 3: cut the pickle while the onion is still frying 

Step 4: add some agave syrup to caramelize the onion rings... the more, the sweeter

Step 5: when the onion has caramelized, pat dry the seitan and fry on medium heat in olive oil, then apply some agave syrup

Step 6: add LOADS of pepper to the seitan

Step 7: add a TINY bit (a few DROPS) of liquid smoke on every slice of seitan and spread it out... USE A TEASPOON as the taste is very strong and concentrated!

Step 8: cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and cut in slices. KEEP the pit in case you have leftover avocado, so you can store it together in the fridge to prevent the avocado from turning brown

Step 9: toast the burger buns/bread slices (in the oven / a pan / a toaster)

Step 10: while the bread is toasting, make the sauce for the top of the bun by mixing some sriracha sauce with some vegan mayo; use MORE of the latter and add more sriracha to taste 

Step 11: once the bread has turned nice and crunchy on the outside, apply mustard to the bottom part of the bun and add slices of pickle

Step 12: add the caramelized onion

Step 13: add seitan slices and apply the sriracha/veganaise mixture to the top of the burger bun

Step 14: add avocado

Step 15 (optional): add some salad

That's all! ENJOY :) 

PS. I don't recommend eating this on a first date. It's hard to eat these burgers without making a mess. 

Special thanks to my boyfriend for helping me cook so I could take pics and for taking pics when I cooked :) 

Let me know if you've tried it out yourself!! 

Tip: it's also a great meal to cook for non-vegans. I have already shared this recipe with a few people who really love it and they're not even vegan :)

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