Hi friends!

I recently tried making my first hoop wreath using eucalyptus and a metal hoop that I spray painted. 
I really love how modern and minimalist this kind of wreaths looks and I wanted to create my own as I figured it couldn't be that hard. Most tutorials that I found were using fake plants and flowers that were hot glued onto the hoop. I don't like fake plants so I just used my favourite plant in the world which happens to look amazing when dried: eucalyptus! For the flowers I used a flower that the flower market man told me would look good when dry, so if you want to make it for yourself and you'd like to keep the wreath for a long time I'd advice you to pick flowers that look pretty when dried as well. 
I filmed the whole process and you can watch it in my video at the end of this post!
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Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy watching it!