One of the instagrammers on my feed recently posted a pic of her in a pool ‘sweating out her hangover’ and I asked myself: why do I actually follow this person? There is nothing I admire about sweating out hangovers, about consuming alcohol, nothing I admire about all the other pics of one and the same tanned person just posting pics of herself. And I started unfollowing. Why do I follow this person? Why do I follow that one? If there is no real reason other than the fact that I like the color of her hair, the intensity of her tan or, say, the shape of her butt, I unfollow. 

The photos that make me happy are photos of creators. People who travel with kids and camp with their rescued dogs. People who hike, climb, surf and do yoga. People who sit and wait for hours to take the perfect shot of a wild animal in nature. People who bake beautiful cakes and make delicious colorful healthy plates of food. People who love plants. People who know themselves very well and are able to laugh at themselves. People who spread awareness about pollution, nature and climate change. People who write touching content, people who draw illustrations that make you smile. People who wear, sell or even make gorgeous ethical clothing (as this is my next big personal challenge: invest in a 100% ethical, minimalist closet). People who are young and brave and decided to follow their dreams.

Don't get me wrong: I’m well aware that basically EVERYTHING on social media is carefully curated content. Hardly any of the accounts that I follow post random pictures at random times, everything has been thought through. However there is nothing inherently wrong with curating your content. It’s part of the creative process. And there’s nothing wrong with photos of yourself without any message either, I’m not saying there is. I'm not saying people can't sweat out their hangovers in pools and post pictures of it. People have the right to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't harm anyone, and I'm the last one to judge.

I just don’t want to follow accounts like that any longer. I realized they do not inspire me on a level I wish to be inspired. Ask yourself today, who inspires you? Be aware of the content you consume on a daily basis, and do not underestimate the impact it has on you. Which photos make you think? Which content makes you smile, or even laugh out loud? Which people inspire you to make changes into your life that make you a happier person? And, maybe even more important: which people inspire you to ACCEPT the things in your life you believed you'd have to change to become a happier person?