Hi friends!

It's been a while since my last blogpost, and it's been even longer since my last video!
This video is the first one I filmed with Vincent (but definitely not the last, as we had so much fun filming this even though we had to film it twice after losing the file on my camera).
As you can tell by our clothes (and our tan) we filmed this in July when the weather was still warm, and we filmed it in his old room while we are living in Denmark now.

Since filming this so much has changed: we moved to another country, we searched and found a new place to live, we did all the paper work, looked for a new job, and until now I felt like we never really had any time to do anything creative for ourselves like, in my case, editing a video. Time has just flown by, and when there's no practicalities we just try to be in the now, recharge our batteries, and enjoy being together. Starting a life in another country and starting a new job in general requires a lot of your mental energy so I've been exhausted every day since November, but it's finally falling into place a little bit now so I found some time and energy to edit this video for you to enjoy :)
Warning: at one point something went very wrong, but I survived.
What do you think of the result?...

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Lots of love,