Hi friends!

We will be moving to our new apartment by the end of this month, and I'm so excited about it! It's the cutest, most beautiful top floor apartment ever, it ticks off all of the important things on our list (within our budget, a serious and professional landlord, central location, close to public transport, no top neighbours, lots of light, clean bathroom, nice neighborhood, proper kitchen, beautiful wooden floors, close to some nature, and even a gorgeous balcony with a view - should you ever be interested in 'tips on how to find the right apartment', I'm your girl, we've seen things, and we've been through things)

This means we'll have to pack our stuff in the upcoming weeks, but you know what it also means?
Finally being able to create a home again! Our current apartment was only temporary as we made a deal with the owners who are trying to sell it, so we could rent it for a lower price if we let people come and see the apartment now and then. To start off our life in Copenhagen, this was really amazing: we got to live in the best area of Copenhagen, close to beautiful little houses with cute gardens and lots of families. It is really close to the sea and we hang out on the peer almost every weekend, no matter how cold it is. 
The flat itself is really pretty and big, and the furniture is very much our style. The only thing is that we couldn't change much to it as it should look the same as in the pictures. So for example we have our dinner table quite far from our kitchen and there's quite a lot of space we don't really use and would prefer to use more efficiently if we could. 

Our new apartment will be way more compact and I am SO excited to decorate and furnish it exactly the way we want. We have so many ideas and I can't wait to see it again and style it.

So one of the things I've been doing lately is looking for home decoration items, which lead me to the beautiful home section of Anthropologie. And as they have so many pretty things in the sale, I decided to show you a few of my top picks that you can get in the sale right now!

1. Plex Pendant / 2. Gilded Treat Trinklet Box / 3. Cosy Llama Dish Towel / 4. Hannah Vase / 5. Avocado Toast Dish Towel  / 6. Embroidered Mazama Quilt / 7. Winter Sunset Cushion  / 8. Textured Lovell Pillowcases / 9. Pronged Bowl / 10. Solid Velvet Lampshade / 11. Velvet Thelma Cushion / 12. Tufted Minna Rug / 13. Rivulets Quilt
If you want something, don't think about it too long, as some of my favourites had already been sold out before making this post so I selected these 13 items for you guys.

Have fun shopping or just browsing :)