Hi friends,

I really want to show you my favourite purchase of the season, which is this super warm, snuggly, long pink puffer coat.

I had been looking online for a pink puffer coat with this length and I just couldn't seem to find one; they were either not puffy enough, too bright, too short (many of them just stop at your knees) or just not pink at all.

At one point, I had given up on the pink aspect of my dream coat, just to have a puffer coat this long, and I settled for an icy grey Helly Hansen puffer parka. I was really happy when it arrived, and I expected so much from it (it was very expensive and my first Helly Hansen purchase ever). But when I went outside to try it in the cold, I was SO disappointed. This coat had such a poor fill, it was surprisingly flat and the wind and cold went right through. And I'm not just talking about the seems, it went right through the down. It somehow seemed to be more of a autumn coat, with an advanced hood to protect you from heavy rainfall and a removable part on the bottom to protect your legs when walking in a storm. However to protect you from the cold Copenhagen wind and air, it didn't do the job.

So when I'd sent it back and I suddenly found THIS one on sale on Zalando, I was even more excited.

First of all: it's BABY PINK.
Second: it's SO WARM.
You know some people who say 'legs don't really get cold anyway, the most important thing is that my upper body is warm' ? Well, I don't know about these people (if they're speaking the truth or if they're just trying to seem tough) but this does definitely not apply to me. I am cold, all winter, every day, all the time, and all over my body. But not anymore!

Have you ever gone camping when it was cold outside? Do you know the feeling of wanting to stay in your warm, fuzzy sleeping bag, and maybe even actually keeping it on while having breakfast in the brisk morning air? Well, putting on this coat and pulling up the zipper (I usually zip up the lower zipper a little so I can walk more easily and less penguin-like) is like crawling in a sleeping bag and walking around in it. For someone like me who loves being snuggly and warm, this is an absolute dream come true. It's literally like a down duvet you wrap around you but more practical, and water repellant, plus you look absolutely fabulous.

99% of the people (rough estimation) in Copenhagen, or maybe even the Western World, wear a black, grey, or other dark colored winter jacket. Everything looks dull, dark and boring: the plants are hibernating and have no leaves, there are no flowers, no birds, the streets are wet, the skies are grey. Would you rather give in to this, and be another grey person in the crowd of people going to their jobs? Or would you choose to brighten up this depressing sight by walking around like a blush pink marshmallow?
I choose the latter.
The amount of people asking me about this coat is mindblowing. I'm asked about the sizing (buy a size up), about the warmth (yes, the coldest person in the world approves this is the warmest coat she ever found), and where to get it (Zalando, yes it's still available, yes it's still on sale). Oftentimes I even see people smile at me when our eyes meet on the metro, and I like to tell myself that I brightened their morning commute with my head-to-toe pinkness. I don't know if that's true, but at least I feel better bringing a little bit of pink into this already dark season.

PS. These pictures were made during one of the weekends we spent time at yet another of my favourite spots in Copenhagen, which I will tell you more about in my next blog post! :)