Hi :)

My name is Manon and I'm a Philosophy graduate from Ghent University. I love philosophy, films, fashion and interior styling, self development, beauty, being active, traveling, plant-based food, reading, animals and nature.

When I first started this website it was a blog called L'Apparence as I only felt comfortable writing fashion and beauty related posts. I wrote in Dutch, then switched to English, switched back to Dutch as I could write more quickly in Dutch back then, and eventually changed back to English.
As I grew more confident I figured I should also address my other interests so I renamed my blog Coconut and mint, since I like these two scents and tastes a lot and they're always present in my daily life in some way or another.

I'd like to inspire you to..

..love yourself, by talking about self development, self awareness, mental and physical wellness, minimalism, and relationships
..love your planet: by living consciously and sustainably
..love your looks: through fashion styling and beauty tips
..love your home: through interior styling, DIY's and homemaking tips
..love your food: by giving plant-based cooking and baking advice and restaurant recommendations

..because these are the most important things in the world if you want to live a happy life.
It makes me feel so grateful and excited to read kind words of readers who felt inspired by my posts, which is a big part of the reason I decided to broaden my focus and talk about other things next to fashion and beauty as well. Getting your messages on Facebook and Instagram makes my day, so please don't ever hesitate to contact me if you feel like it! :)

Lots of love,